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Review of Dr Amar Sholapurkar CBCT and OPG/Lateral Ceph licensing course held on the 11th July 2020 via Zoom. Disclaimer: I was the one who requested Amar to conduct a course as I have signed up to buy a CBCT machine. I have no financial interest or benefit. I had heard about Amar’s courses through DPR and I called him to discuss if he was able to conduct a CBCT and OPG/Lateral Ceph licensing course for a group of dentists. He immediately agreed provided there was enough interest. There was an overwhelming response on DPR and around 50 dental practitioners across Australia (from different states) registered for the course. We had the CBCT licensing course in the morning and the OPG/Lat Ceph late afternoon. His lecture started sharp at 8.30am where he introduced himself and spoke on the basic topics including Radiation physics, biology, protection and safety followed by CBCT lecture. After lunch break he spoke about OPG / lat ceph. He incorporated a lot of animations, diagrams, short videos and pictures throughout these lectures that made the dry topic very lively and interesting and definitely made my understanding about the subject very clear. In addition, he also played 3 videos (directed and narrated by him) where he explained in detail the systematic and sequential steps of taking a CBCT scan, OPG and Lateral Ceph radiograph. These 3 videos that Amar played were highly impressive. He was very good at explaining the concepts. There was lot of information which he emphasized so we could get both the key message and thorough understanding of the theory behind it. He was very clear in his presentation and he is very knowledgeable. There were a lot of concepts that he was able to simplify to make it easier. We learnt in brief on interpretation of OPG and CBCT and briefly learnt how to operate the software. He was very enthusiastic when delivering his content and was always encouraging to have a discussion on the content he presented. He used to ask several questions to make sure that we understood the concept. He also referred back and made link to previously taught content, which enabled us to consolidate our learning throughout. After completion of each course we had an open book exam for both the courses. The full day course completed by 6.30pm in the evening and it was very extensive and very informative. I would highly recommend Amar’s courses. I understand that he is coming up with many more Dental Radiology lectures in the future. Looking forward to seeing more of Amar’s lectures/webinars/courses in the future.
Dr Dinesh Rao
Review of Dr Amar Sholapurkar course on Soft tissue calcifications and ossifications in a Panoramic radiograph – Diagnostic considerations (held on 27th of May 2020) through zoom and Interpretation of 2D Dental Radiographs - A Systemic Approach (held on the 28th of April 2020). I would like to take a moment to write a course review for Dr Amar's online radiology courses. During this pandemic when restrictions were enforced, I like many others had a bit too much free time and took the opportunity to do many online courses free/paid but in particular am very grateful to all those who took the time to offer numerous free online courses as they gave us the ability to continue learning and updating ourselves without the financial pressure. In particular, I would like to thank Dr Amar and team for the Webinar on Soft tissue calcifications and ossifications in a Panoramic radiograph - Diagnostic considerations and Interpretation of 2D Dental Radiographs - A Systemic Approach. Usually when I see something "free" I am very sceptical of the content and immediately think that it will not be as informative or will be just touching the surface of the subject. However I was extremely happy with Dr Amar's webinars regarding the in-depth explanation provided with specific slides of x-rays and clinical photos to accompany each anatomical structure and conditions mentioned. 2D Dental Radiographs - A Systemic Approach - Through this lecture Dr Amar goes into great detail on how to read an OPG outlining the different anatomical structures, airspaces to look out for and how to avoid getting them when taking an OPG, radiolucent and radiopaque areas on OPG that are normal vs abnormal/pathology. He provides us with a simplistic and systemic approach to determine what lesions are odontogenic and non-odontogenic orign depending on the site and location, size, shape and associated anatomical structures. The webinar on Soft tissue calcifications and ossifications in a Panoramic radiograph - Diagnostic considerations was an eye opener and very well presented. A detailed explanation of different types of radio-opacities on OPGs that can indicate calcifications of salivary glands, lymph nodes, tonsils and the oral-pharynx. It goes into explaining other differential diagnosis which should not be ruled out and what the management or who to refer to for further investigation. I have not done a radiology course since graduating University and it is very difficult to rely on the OPG report sent back with the OPG as they can sometimes be very brief. Dr Amar has a great deal of knowledge in this field and through his informative and to the point lectures, it has enabled me with more confidence to read OPGs in greater detail and not to just skim over them and would very highly recommend his lectures to anyone else out there like myself who used to be overwhelmed when trying to determine whether something is a normal or an abnormal radiological finding. Thank you again to Dr Amar and team for providing us with an opportunity to refresh our knowledge in interpreting OPGs and will be looking forward to learning more in any future CPD courses run online and in person.
Course review - Dental Radiology by Dr Amar Sholapurkar This review is long overdue, but only when I started presenting myself, did I realize how much work and effort goes into that ... and Amar has been doing it for way longer than I have ... I did Amar's OPG course last year over Zoom, as I couldn't make it to his live course in Adelaide. That's another 10 bonus points to Amar's karma, as many lecturers tour the Eastern states only, leaving SA behind! Due to recent lockdowns in some of the states, limiting the availability of face-to-face education, we may start getting used to online delivery, so I hope this review will be helpful for people that are usually sceptical about this way of learning and earning CPD. I was one of them as well, I must admid ... but I really enjoyed Amar's online course! Amar has a tremendous wealth of knowledge in everything that has to do with radiology, including theory, practice and troubleshooting. His course also included animations that demonstrated the principles behind the theoretical components and short videos for the practical applications. Even though I always loved physics, and had been using OPG's for over a decade, I learnt a thing or 100 ... so even if you're an experienced practitioner, you can always improve, so do yourself a favour and get a refresher with Dr Amar ... you are guaranteed to increase your knowledge! Speaking about registration, Dr Amar did all the necessary legwork and inquiries to make sure that knowledge delivered at his courses is sufficient for registration (with or without examinations) in different Australian jurisdictions. Can't comment on the food during the course, but during my Zoom course, the lunch cooked by my wife was lovely. 10 bonus points to her for keeping the kids away! When I take the leap of faith to get my own CBCT machine, I will definitely do Amar's CBCT course!
Dr Leo Lander
Good morning everyone, Just wanted to share my experience. I Attended Dr Amar Sholapurkar's radiology course online-CBCT Interpretation last Sunday. I thought I would be sleeping through it but I must say it was very interesting. Lots of interaction, was clinically relevant and Amar is easy to listen to. Would highly recommend this course, I'll also be attending the OPG Interpretation course. I hear it's excellent.
Dr Aditi Patel
An actual review 😂 - “Tips for Interpreting and diagnosing everyday problems from dental radiographs” with Dr Amar Sholapurkar Being a new grad and not practicing for a few months, I wasn’t quite confident in interpreting radiographs, particularly distinguishing the “normal” from the “abnormal”. The course really builds upon the stuff learnt from undergrad especially in the anatomy side of things! I hadn’t really focused that much on anatomy since first year 😅. The pace of the webinar was also adequate- not too fast, not too slow. The interactive side of things was also quite engaging too, despite being online. I hadn’t been able to practice since graduation so the course summarised and reinforced the main pathologies, and logical interpretation of radiographic images, including when to refer and tips on how to identify them too. Obviously my perspective is different to others who have been practicing for a while or those who are have a distinct interest in anatomy or oral pathology but it certainly helped me! Would recommend his future courses if considering in the future!
Dr Chrishan Fernando
Dental Course Review: CBCT Interpretation by Dr. Amar Sholapurkar Overall Review: Highly recommended (especially for new graduates) This course is a great start for those new practice owners who are considering a CBCT in their clinics and clinicians who just want to improve their radiographic diagnostic skills. Here are the highlights of the course: 1. The 5-hour webinar approach is great! I can quickly walkover to the kitchen to grab a snack without ever distracting the other coursemates or disrupting the lecture in progress. 2. I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the course, his funny jokes/quotes and how he kept checking with the class whether his pace was too fast or slow. Diagnosis competency is a serious matter, but his easy going approach and light hearted moments made the learning process stress-free. 3. The small volume CBCT relating to implant part was cool, but the bifid/trifid IAN, in my opinion, were the most fascinating. 4. The indications for referral to Dentomaxillofacial radiologists were great. I have a better understanding of when to and when not to refer if I see something unusual on the CBCT. 5. At the end of the course, I feel confident in what I should do if I were given a dicom file. I am now able to adjust the planes for endodontics, assess 3rd molar positions, implant considerations, common pathologies and have a general idea on how I should systematically interpret a small volume CBCT.
Dr Ng Junn
Following positive reviews on the social media, I decided to enrol into Dr Sholapurkar’s CBCT licensing course to which it is accredited in most states and territories. It was also convenient that it was delivered online and on a Sunday! The course delved into the history of x-rays, radiation biology and physics, and the safe and effective operation of CBCT & OPG equipment. And importantly, Medicolegal responsibilities for the dental practitioner in relation to dental radiology. Dr Amar presented the content in an interesting and interactive manner as there were many diagrams, animations and videos. The content was related to basic aspects of Dental Radiology what a general dental practitioner should know in their day-today dental practice. And it felt easy to have a go at asking and answering questions before consolidating the knowledge in the licensing exam afterwards. To be truthful, I had initial reservations to the use of CBCT in general dental practice but now that I've done this course, I would recommend it to graduates and dentists as it is an indispensable tool to have in your clinical arsenal!
Dr Michael Tien
I recently attended the online “Interpretation of CBCT” course for dentists presented by Dr Amar Sholapurkar and found it thorough and well presented. In informing us of our legal requirements and how to determine when and where cone beam images should be taken, Dr Sholapurkar brought great clarity to our obligations as a profession. His delivery was excellent, providing high quality information in a relaxed yet professional way that made you want to learn the knowledge he was imparting. He was always ready to take questions from the delegates and answer them in an open and honest manner. This was the second online course that I have attended that has been conducted by Dr Sholapurkar and I will be attending more in the future. He is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend his courses to anyone who is seeking greater clarity and knowledge in the field of dental x-ray imagery.
Dr Harminder Sian