Dr Amar Sholapurkar

BDS, MDS (Oral Medicine and Radiology)

Dr Amar Sholapurkar is a full time academician, Senior lecturer (Clinical Dentistry and Oral Radiology) & discipline lead of Oral Radiology at College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University (JCU), Cairns. Australia. He brings to the table over 17 years of global teaching  and research experience  in Dental Radiology (for both undergraduates and postgraduates), 11 of which were in Australia. Dr Sholapurkar is presently doing a part-time PhD at JCU, Cairns Campus. In the year 2021, Dr Amar has received the JCU Dean’s learning & teaching award for his outstanding teaching at JCU. In addition to this he recently received the ‘2022 James Cook University Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award’ for his radiology teaching.

He has completed his Masters in Oral Medicine and Radiology at the prestigious Manipal University, India. His career started in Manipal University as an Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) followed by Reader in Oral Medicine and Radiology. He also worked as Assistant Professor at University in the Middle East for couple of years.

He has published more than 50 articles in reputed peer reviewed dental journals; have contributed 11 chapters in book and has extensive conference presentations. He has published (edited) a book titled : “Publish and Flourish – Practical Guide for effective scientific writing” and selected in the editorial board/peer review committee of about 5 Dental Journals. He has delivered Guest lectures/keynote lectures in Dental conventions/ specialty conferences/CPD activities in Australia and abroad.

Over the past few years, he has received approval from various state Radiation health authorities including and running the Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) licensing course and OPG/Lat Ceph licensing course across Australia. He is also actively involved in conducting two highly interactive Dental Radiology lectures titled “Interpretation of CBCT – What a dental practitioner should know”? and “2D Radiography Interpretation Course”  (Tips for Interpreting and diagnosing everyday problems from dental radiographs) across Australia and NZ. These courses are verified by the NZ dental association.

Why should you opt for my Dental Radiology courses?

Dear Respected Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in my Dental Radiology courses ( If you’re wondering, “Why should I opt for these 4 courses?” here are 14 compelling reasons

    1. I bring to the table over 17 years of global teaching experience in Dental Radiology, 11 of which were in Australia. My dedication to student learning in Radiology has been recognized with multiple competitive awards within Australia.
    2. My courses, particularly CBCT and 2D Radiography interpretation, are highly interactive from the very first slide. This high engagement level rules out recorded formats of the lectures. Previous attendees note a significant boost in confidence and understanding of Dental Radiology post-course completion.
    3.  My courses are enriched with animations and self-directed videos, making challenging subjects like CBCT and OPG/Lat Ceph licensing more interesting.
    4. The integration of clinical aspects within the licensing course enhances its appeal. Pre-reading material is sent to registrants 2-3 weeks before the course to ensure sufficient preparation time.
    5. In my courses, complex concepts are broken down and presented clearly, at a pace suitable for learning, as highlighted by many dentists in their feedback.
    6. I believe in straightforward teaching with a focus on evidence-based lectures. I eliminate ambiguity or unnecessary information, ensuring maximum value for your time.<?li>
    7. My 2D Radiography interpretation course includes over 250 radiographs and clinical pictures, with key takeaways for each pathology.
    8. I offer various discounts throughout the year, including Group Offers. Flexible payment options and plans also make the courses accessible.
    9. The course dates are flexible. If you can’t attend a registered course for personal reasons, please contact me, and I’ll place you in the next session.
    10. My CBCT and OPG/Lat Ceph licensing courses are approved by various state Radiation Health Authorities and have been conducted for several years. My CBCT interpretation and 2D Radiography interpretation courses are recognized/verified by the New Zealand Dental Association. I see many NZ dentists attending my courses.
    11. All four courses are conducted online monthly via Zoom, saving you travel and accommodation expenses and letting you learn from the comfort of your home.
    12. All courses occur on Sundays, a preferred day for most dental practitioners.
    13. Upon completing the course, your confidence in Radiology will significantly increase. This is confirmed by many past participants.
    14. The main focus of my courses is on providing value!
    15. These are the 14 reasons you should consider my courses. I hope this information proves helpful.


Dr Amar Sholapurkar

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