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CBCT and OPG/ Lateral Ceph Licensing and Interpretation Courses

AUD 765-810 +GST

Interpretation of CBCT - What a dental practitioner should know?

AUD 595-630 +GST

Cone-beam Computed Tomography Licensing Course

AUD 595-630 +GST

OPG and Lateral Cephalometry licensing course

AUD 383-405 +GST

2D Radiography interpretation course

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CBCT Interpretation
10% discount for all dentists (AUD 810+GST)
15% discount for freshers (AUD 765 + GST)




Time: 8.30am-3.30pm
CBCT Licensing
10% discount for all dentists (AUD 630 +GST)
15% discount for freshers (AUD 595 + GST)




Time: 8.30am-3.30pm
OPG/ Lateral Ceph
Licensing Course
10% discount for all dentists (AUD 630+GST)
15% discount for freshers (AUD 595 + GST)




Time: 8.30am-11.00pm & 3.30am-6.30pm
2D Radiography
Interpretation Course
10% discount for all dentists (AUD 405+GST)
15% discount for freshers (AUD 383 + GST)




Time: 8.30am-2.30pm

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What they say about us

Dr Dinesh Rao Designation

Review of Dr Amar Sholapurkar CBCT and OPG/Lateral Ceph licensing course held on the 11th July 2020 via Zoom. Disclaimer: I was the one who requested Amar to conduct a course as I have signed up to buy a CBCT machine. I have no financial...

Dr Leo Lander Designation

Course review - Dental Radiology by Dr Amar Sholapurkar This review is long overdue, but only when I started presenting myself, did I realize how much work and effort goes into that ... and Amar has been doing it for way longer than I have ...

Anonymous Designation

Review by Dr Leo Lander Review of Dr Amar Sholapurkar course on Soft tissue calcifications and ossifications in a Panoramic radiograph – Diagnostic considerations (held on 27th of May 2020) through zoom and Interpretation of 2D Dental Radiographs -

Dr Michael Tien Designation

Following positive reviews on the social media, I decided to enrol into Dr Sholapurkar’s CBCT licensing course to which it is accredited in most states and territories. It was also convenient that it was delivered online and on a Sunday! ...

Dr Chrishan Fernando Designation

Tips for Interpreting and diagnosing everyday problems from dental radiographs” with Dr Amar Sholapurkar Being a new grad and not practicing for a few months, I wasn’t quite confident in interpreting radiographs, particularly distinguishing the “normal” from..

Dr Ng Junn Designation

CBCT Interpretation by Dr. Amar Sholapurkar. Highly recommended (especially for new graduates) This course is a great start for those new practice owners who are considering a CBCT in their clinics and clinicians who just want to improve their ...

Dr Aditi Patel Designation

Just wanted to share my experience. I Attended Dr Amar Sholapurkar's radiology course online-CBCT Interpretation last Sunday. I thought I would be sleeping through it but I must say it was very interesting.Lots of interaction, was clinically relevant..

Dr Harminder Sian Designation

I recently attended the online “Interpretation of CBCT” course for dentists presented by Dr Amar Sholapurkar and found it thorough and well presented. In informing us of our legal requirements and how to determine when and where cone beam images ..

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